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Founded in 2011 Macis Promotions has earn its place as a leading agency at Swedish airports, growing at ferries and currently expanding in Denmark.


Macis Promotions is an agency created by Maria Eugenia Cisternas. Arrived ten years ago to Europe from her home country Argentina, María has a solid background organizing airport promotion campaigns in various countries.


María greatly enjoyed her various positions related to airport and travel retail activities. She worked as a field staff at CDG and Roissy airport and shorlty after started coordinating travel retail promotions in Europe, North Africa and Middle East while working at the travel retail department of one of the world's biggest tobacco companies.


Thanks to her experience in a leading European promotion agency, she also has a good understanding of the industry from the supplier's side.


Macis Promotions offers you, through a solid know-how, help to increase the sales of your products and the awareness of your brand at airports and ferries, in both Sweden and Denmark.

Though not our main business, we have run sucessfull campaigns in local market.

We can highlight our activities for tobacco in different wholesalers in Stockholm and Göteborg.

Most of our activities take place in Travel Retail. This gives us great knowlage and insight to take care of your project but also advise you on the approach for the nordic market.

Macis Promotions runs TR campaigns in airports and ferries in Sweden and Denmark, as well as border shops.

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